A supermarket in Greensborough is seemingly struggling to sell copies of a 2023 calendar for the North Melbourne Kangaroos, thanks mostly to the controversial use of a particular player on the cover. The new calendar features former player Jason Horne-Francis, who controversially left the club during the recent trade period after an unhappy debut season.

One industry insider contacted The Watsonia Bugle to insist that while Kangaroos calendars are really a top seller amongst local AFL clubs, putting Horne-Francis on the cover was a big mistake. They said, “Who’s designing these things? Seriously. There were whispers months ago that Jason wanted out of Arden Street, so why on earth would you put him front and centre like that?”

However, the same source conceded that the Kangaroos were fighting an uphill battle. They said, “Look, I get it, there’s not a lot of star power to choose from. I mean, get a load of Jaidyn Stephenson on the cover there. Was that photo of him handballing taken at training or something?”