A Watsonia grandfather is keeping a real keen eye out for when Crownies go on sale before Christmas so he can stock up on his favourite premium beer for the festive season. Self-proclaimed “old-fashioned bloke” Victor Davidson is not really into the increased variety of beers available these days, and still holds Crown Lager on a high pedestal when it comes to “drinking the fancy stuff” at Christmas time.

In fact, Davidson is so old fashioned that he doesn’t even search online for beer specials, preferring to wait for the thick catalogue pile inside the local paper each week. He said, “You just can’t trust the internets mate, I’d much rather finger me way through the catalogues. Without a doubt they’ll be on special with either Coles New World or Safeway before the big fat man comes down the chimney.”

When we tentatively informed Davidson that loyal Dan Murphy’s members had been offered an impressive special on Crownies in recent weeks, he angrily refuted that suggestion. He said, “And what, sign up for one of them ‘loyalty’ programs so they can collect more personal information about me? No thanks! Why would I go on the line to check the specials when I have them delivered to my letterbox once a week? I’m no idiot.”