A passionate local shopper has boldly claimed that Greensborough Plaza should dethrone Chadstone as “The Fashion Capital” of Victoria. Karen Fitzgerald made the ambitious declaration last night over dinner with friends, claiming “It’s high time that Greensy Plaza got some of the credit it deserves”.

Speaking to The Watsonia Bugle earlier today to clarify her position, Fitzgerald said, “People are too easily influenced by advertising slogans these days. I’ve got a friend who genuinely believes that eating a Mars Bar every day helps him to work, rest and play. All because he heard it in an ad jingle 30 odd years ago. And Chaddy’s basically pulling the wool over everyone’s eyes here. They’ve just called themselves ‘The Fashion Capital’ and we’re all expected to just roll over and accept that. Well, I’m not!”

When asked whether she had any other supporting arguments, Fitzgerald said, “Not really. But that’s just because my main argument is rock solid. It’s like people that give themselves a nickname. You can’t trust ‘em. And that’s exactly what Chadstone has done. Plus, we’ve got Rivers. It doesn’t get much closer to the height of fashion than Rivers. I rest my case.”