A local train commuter is not happy with the iconic clocks at Flinders Street Station, accusing them of excluding the beloved Hurstbridge Line. Darren Wilson contacted The Watsonia Bugle earlier this week to air his grievance, claiming “The Hursty Line should be bloody front-and-centre, mate. What are those clowns thinking?”

In a wide-ranging interview, Wilson said, “I’d actually never noticed until a few weeks ago. I used to love the look of the old entrance, you know? Heaps of history and that. But now that I know we don’t get a mention on the clocks there, I can’t stand the look of it all. Just taunting me and my north-eastern brothers and sisters. It’s bullshit.”

However, not all Hurstbridge Line commuters have taken the omission to personally. During a quick vox pop at Watsonia Station last night, most regular train travellers admitted they didn’t really care what’s on the clocks. Melissa Nelson encapsulated the general sentiment when she said, “Who really cares what’s written above those clocks? Everyone just uses their PTV app now. In fact, most people these days probably don’t even know how to read an analogue clock. Darren needs to get over himself.”