A local mum says she has commenced workshopping caption options for this year’s back to school post on Instagram. Lisa Clarkson said she really wants to maximise the social media traction she receives for “the biggest post of the year”.

Speaking to The Watsonia Bugle about her conscientious preparation, Clarkson said, “You put up with a lot of crap as a parent, so these kind of posts are your time to really shine. With the algorithms on social media newsfeeds these days, plus the hidden Like tallies, a good caption can make a real difference to how many eyes see your post. Especially as the kids get older and start to lose that genuine, raw cute factor they had in Prep.”

Clarkson also claimed that there are two main genres of caption to choose from: humour or soppy emotion. She said, “Humour is always popular, but I’m running out of material after a few years in the circuit. So soppy emotion is a viable option. It’s like those talent shows on TV. If you’ve got a heartwarming back story, you go a lot further into the competition.”

Clarkson indicated that she has at least 10 captions on her shortlist, but probably wouldn’t make the final decision until the day before. She said, “Ultimately, it depends on the image. But at least now I have 10 decent drafts up my sleeve and it’ll just be a matter of copying and pasting the best one once I’ve got my photo in the morning.”