A former Australian cricketer seems to be launching a bold attempt to dethrone “The Walking Man” as our region’s most famous topless exercise enthusiast. Following a highly-publicised incident in Noosa earlier this month, a man bearing a striking resemblance to Michael Clarke was spotted by an eagle-eyed reader last night in Watsonia’s central business district.

The man was captured in a grainy photograph while walking across Watsonia Road, noticeably opting not to use the nearby pedestrian crossing. The reader claimed the man was “definitely Clarkey” as he was still limping slightly from the minor hamstring injury Clarke sustained in Noosa after a long lunch with friends, including former pal Karl “Karlos” Stefanovic.

However, the anonymous source said they were unimpressed by any attempts to dethrone well-known northern suburbs icon “The Walking Man”, a beloved identity known to frequent the Plenty Road region north of Bundoora. The source said, “I don’t know what he’s playing at, but there’s only room for one shirtless walking man in this town. Pup needs to nick off back to Sydney or Noosa or something. Plus, with that crook hammy, I don’t think he should be covering such large distances on foot at this stage of his recovery.”