Dimwitted social media “influencers” say they’re unsure how to pose in front of Watsonia’s striking street mural, complaining that the lack of the usual sprawling wings is forcing them to think outside the square. One such influencer, who gave her name simply as @northerncoffeesnob, was spotted looking confused in front of the mural over the weekend.

After awkwardly moving her body into a range of poses, the Instagram identity took a simple shot with a forced smile before walking off to workshop a pithy caption. When approached by The Watsonia Bugle for comment, the suburban caffeine enthusiast said, “This one just, really, like threw me, you know. I mean normally I can just stand there in the middle of the mural with a slight knee dip and the background, like, does all the work. I’m just now sure how to animate this mural. I’m having a bit of a crisis here.”

Thankfully, @northerncoffeesnob seems to be in the minority, with the vast majority of locals saying they love the artwork, especially once they realised how much it’s tripping up visiting wannabe social media celebrities. One long-time resident, Doris Brandon said, “Well that’s just an added bonus then, isn’t it? I already loved it, but now I want to see more. Such a lovely initiative.”