A local man has expressed the somewhat controversial opinion that Matchbox 20’s back catalogue deserves a hearty revisit. Ben Locksley came upon this thought after recently hearing one of the band’s certified bangers on Gold 104.3, and shared his views in a WhatsApp group with friends.

Locksley said that while the response to his comments was “mixed, at best” he was standing by his call, and was starting to sneak a few of the stronger tracks from seminal album Yourself or Someone Like You. He reasoned, “Over saturation happens to the best of them. I mean, look at U2 and Kings of Leon. They just got absolutely rinsed on commercial radio. They got so mainstream that the so-called ‘taste makers’ had no choice but to start looking elsewhere to justify their jobs.”

Locksley then pointed to lead singer Rob Thomas’ collaboration with Carlos Santana as a turning point in public opinion. Locksley said, “In hindsight, Rob Thomas teaming up with Santana might’ve been a step too far, but look my in the eye and say that song’s not a banger. Seriously, I dare you. That song still stands up to this day.”