A local university has reportedly launched a “Beerconomics” subject for their business students in an attempt to explain and explore why 6-packs of beer are so much more expensive than slabs of beer. An inside source from the education institution contacted The Watsonia Bugle this week to reveal the plans, claiming that the subject would be available for enrolments by the second semester this year.

The anonymous source said, “The Economics faculty here have been wanting to explore this topic for a long time, and they finally got approval over the summer, so it’s full steam ahead now. They just need to build the curriculum, write a textbook, and then open up the enrolment process. They’re really excited.”

While most beer drinkers assume that the discrepancy in price per unit is a simple case of supply and demand, the inside insisted that the reality is slightly more nuanced – even hinting at a wider conspiracy that impacts on the overall health of our nation’s adult population. They said, “In general retail terms, buying in bulk generally results in a slight discount per unit, but never as markedly as it does when it comes to purchasing beer. The academics here are keen to highlight the deeper conspiracy that beer companies back in the 1970s colluded on pricing in an attempt to increase beer consumption in Australia. That set the ball rolling, and nobody has had the balls to challenge that status quo since.”