Conveniently ignoring that the article’s headline was nothing more than some delicious clickbait, since yesterday Greensborough residents have been strutting around the Diamond Valley with their heads held high and their gaze staring down the end of their noses. As first reported in The Watsonia Bugle back in early April, a group has formed to promote the theory that Greensburbians are better than Watsonians, and an article published by the Herald Sun yesterday morning extolling the virtues of Greensborough has done nothing to quell the superiority complex brewing across the border.

The article, which was substantially better researched than the promo article about Watsonia that appeared on a real estate website earlier this year, speaks of Greensborough’s “bustling lifestyle and entertainment metropolis with a thriving food scene, sporting culture and outdoor adventure spirit”. It also uses terms that we’ve not really heard before, like “suburbscape” and “Diamond Valley landscapes”… whatever that means. Actually, we’ll tell you what that means: hills.

While the article didn’t go as far as to claim the polarising Greensborough Lanes, which actually sit in Bundoora, it paints a vivid picture of everything that we know and love about Greensy. However, any joy we feel for our boastful neighbours is offset by the acceleration of the pro-Greensborough group that has used this article to further fuel the fire they’re burning against the otherwise peace-loving residents of Watsonia. The same spokesperson we heard from in April again contacted The Watsonia Bugle this morning to say, “Suck eggs guys, we’re the talk of Melbourne today mate, we rule!”