A local commuter says he’s having vivid and troubling flashbacks as he prepares for the challenge of buses replacing trains this weekend on the Hurstbridge Line. While some commuters were quick to forget the pain of catching public transport during the recent re-construction of Rosanna Station and removal of two level crossings on our train line, Brad Stanley claims he’ll never forget, so much so that he still wakes in the night coated in cold sweat.

Speaking to The Watsonia Bugle, Stanley said, “I actually only need the train to go to the footy on Saturday arvo, so I could just drive I guess, but those seven weeks were such dark times, it doesn’t take much for those feelings to resurface. Every time I see a bus now I get a cold shiver down me spine.”

While Stanley said that in the past the term “buses replacing trains” was a bit of a novelty, it’s now so tainted by recent events that Public Transport Victoria should consider inventing a new term to describe such a torturous experience. He said, “I dunno what they could call it, but they really need to come up with something new. Otherwise there’ll be a mutiny on the Hursty Line mate. I’m telling ya.”