The developer behind the controversial proposal to build houses between AK Lines Reserve and Watsonia Primary School has explosively revealed that his main motivation is to cash in on the now famous “Paris End” of Watsonia. As first reported by The Watsonia Bugle back in October last year, skyrocketing house prices have resulted in the emergence of a “Paris End” in Watsonia, kicking off a turf war as residents from various sections of our suburb argued who, in fact, lived in the best part of Watsy.

As reported by us earlier this year, the existence of this so-called “Paris End” coincidentally saw a rise in the median house price across the entire suburb of Watsonia, as home buyers started to catch on to the many benefits of living in our suburb. And now it seems that developers across Melbourne are also catching on, with the proposed new housing to be erected literally just down the road from our Parisian quarter.

In yet another The Watsonia Bugle exclusive, the developer told us, “That original article that you guys published last year caused a real stir in the local property market. So me and me developer mates have been clamouring over each other to get a slice of the Paris End ever since. I was able to see outside the box by looking to develop a place that had already had houses on it not that long ago. Plus I knew the council would be keen to make a quick buck, or million or so. It was a no-brainer really. Any dwelling in the Paris End basically sells itself.”