A local husband has foolishly tagged his wife in a Facebook post portraying an outdated understanding of the roles in a modern marriage. The image, which has been steadily circulating in social media for about the last five years, is supposedly from a 1950 home economics text, and gives tips to a 1950s housewife on how to keep her husband happy.

Among such useful advice as “put a ribbon in your hair and be fresh looking”, the article basically encourages wives to treat their husbands like King Thistle and make his life as comfortable as possible. Despite significant advancements in gender equality over the last 68 years, it’s understandable that the advice would be appealing to a modern husband, if not just for its historical significance. However, if a corresponding text was produced for a 2018 husband, it would most likely include the phrase, “Do not tag your wife in an outdated understanding of gender roles in a 1950s marriage. This could lead to prolonged periods of silent treatment, occasional outbursts of rage, and your Facebook friends thinking that you’re a chauvinistic pig.”

Clearly not privy to such helpful modern advice, local husband Lance Adams tagged his wife Steph in a post featuring the image on Friday evening. Giggling on the couch not one metre from Steph as he tagged her, Lance was clearly unaware of the impact his seemingly simple Facebook tag would have on his weekend.

Speaking exclusively to The Watsonia Bugle this morning, Steph said, “I was so pissed off when he did it. I mean, not only has that being doing the social media rounds for a few years now, but him tagging me in it would’ve been all over our friends’ newsfeeds. So they’re all gunna think he’s a jerk. Which is not true. He’s actually a pretty decent guy, just terrible at social media.”