It’s actually been a tough couple of weeks for The Watsonia Bugle. First we dropped to eighth on the list of most trusted news sources in the Diamond Valley, tragically behind such sources as Monty Life 3094, the Diamond Valley Leader, and Jonno’s mum Barb from down the street. Then we had our failed attempt to run for parliament late last week, leaving us wondering exactly how valued we are within our local community.

But maybe there is some light at the end of the tunnel — a metaphorical tunnel, not that long scary one that runs under the Greensborough Bypass from Watsonia North. You see, the local council is currently running their annual Banyule BestBiz Awards and we reckon we’re a chance to take home some silverware.

While you’ll no doubt agree that we deserve some form of recognition for our ongoing commitment to providing daily news to you the people, our most challenging obstacle in this campaign is finding an appropriate category for people to vote for us in. Unfortunately there isn’t a category called “Earth Shatteringly Informative And Entertaining News Source With An Unwavering Commitment To The Truth”.

In the absence of such an awesome (yet slightly wordy) category, maybe we could be shoe-horned into another category such as “Goods and Services” or “Professional Services”. Alas, we don’t feel that those categories fully encapsulate what we bring to the table on a day-to-day basis. Therefore, we’ve settled on the category of “Fresh Produce”.

Technically, for the last 18 months, we have been bringing you fresh produce on a daily basis. Keeping you informed about what is happening both here in the Diamond Valley and abroad. We’re so fresh, just like those awesome compilation CDs that virtually every human being aged under 40 in our local area has either stashed away in their garage or under the passenger seat of their car. It’s okay to admit it guys, this is a safe place.

So now it’s up to you: our beloved reader. Vote proudly and vote often. Use every email address that you’ve ever created. Even that awkward yahoo account you made with your romantic partner 10 years ago when you thought that was an acceptable thing to do. Follow the prompts from the link below and support the news service that supports you. You might even win $1,000 for your troubles. True story.

You have until Sunday 23 September to have your say. Vote here.