A local man says he’s still waiting for the ACCC to launch an investigation into Watsonia’s weekly petrol prices. Frank D’Silva first called for the review over 12 months ago, and says he’s growing more and more frustrated at the lacklustre response.

Speaking exclusively to The Watsonia Bugle about the deafening silence, D’Silva said, “Something’s gotta give. I mean, this has been going on for far too long now. Week after week we get absolutely screwed. It doesn’t actually impact on my hip pocket, because I’ve long given up buying petrol here, but I just don’t like the bad impression it gives to visitors.”

While petrol prices in general have clearly risen in the last decade, D’Silva is adamant that the price at the pump in Watsonia is consistently higher than other areas of Melbourne. He said, “You ask anyone that lives around here and drives to other areas of Melbourne during the week. They’ll all tell you that Watsy is a bloody rip off. We’re becoming the laughing stock of the city.”