A local bookmaker has framed a market as the race intensifies to identify the Diamond Valley suburb that contains the highest percentage of salty residents. With just about every suburb in the local area now possessing a thriving community group on Facebook, residents arguably have their greatest ever platform to voice their opinions or various goings on in their neighbourhood.

Previously, Diamond Valley residents had to rely on submitting nominations for the Thumbs Up / Thumbs Down section of the DV Leader. Now, thanks to the joint wonders of the Internet and social media, locals can share their concerns and opinions in real time, openly speculating about why the police helicopter is hovering around above them and/or bemoaning the general decline of common decency and safety in their home suburbs.

It seemed inevitable that with the higher proliferation of the sharing of attitudes and opinions hitting the airwaves, cynical observers would begin to speculate which suburb possesses the saltiest residents – i.e. the kind of people that will complain about the current state of affairs and/or be excessively critical of their neighbouring communities… not to mention ham-fisted attempts at humour by The Watsonia Bugle. To cater for that demand, local bookmaker Kelvin O’Connor has framed a market in an attempt to pinpoint which suburb contains the most bitter and sassy residents.

While the framing of the market is something of an oddity, mainly because no official competition between the suburbs has been announced, it does provide a statistically-backed insight into the general disposition of people living in the local area. Without further ado, here is O’Connor’s latest market update:

4/1 Greensborough

6/1 Diamond Creek

7/1 Montmorency

9/1 Eltham

15/1 Watsonia

20/1 Macleod

30/1 Plenty

50/1 Watsonia North

Please remember to gamble responsibly.