A former Watsonia resident who has moved out of the area is allegedly using a local community Facebook page to subtly rubbish the suburb in which they used to reside. Semi-recent local Debbie Wallace has been seen regularly commenting on crime-related posts in the group, and adding passive aggressive observations like, “This is why I’m so glad I moved out of Watsonia”.

Further investigation into the matter has revealed that Wallace’s behaviour is not believed to be an isolated phenomenon, with many former residents in many Facebook community groups maintaining their membership simply to make derogatory comments about their previous place of residence. Presumably buying into the popular – yet statistically questionable – narrative that crime is on the increase in Watsonia, these rogue commenters seem to be vainly attempting to deal with what marketing experts would refer to as post purchase dissonance.

World-renowned social analyst Caleb Nanthaniel told The Watsonia Bugle, “It’s quite an odd phenomenon really. I mean, would you stay Facebook friends with your ex-partner and then comment on their photos suggesting that they’d put on a bit of weight, or point out their most grating character flaws? No, you wouldn’t. You keep those thoughts to yourself and/or bitch about them with your friends at a later date. Why these people feel entitled to make such inflammatory comments remains a mystery.”