A self-diagnosed “social media addict”, who places most of his personal worth on his online presence, has expressed genuine concern over a rumoured proposal that will see Facebook remove the feature that shows the number of Likes that each post receives. After news of the potential change broke yesterday, Watsonia’s very own Blake Danielson has spent most of his time frantically searching the Internet for more information on what he described as “the ultimate game-changer”.

While no official announcement has been made about the removal of the currently omnipresent Likes tally, it can be presumed that it would be similar to the trial being conducted by Instagram in Australia at the moment. Danielson, who at any point in time can tell you the exact number of friends he has on the popular social media platform, says he concerned by “the enormous impact this kind of change would have on my life”.

Danielson also questioned the motives behind the potential change of procedure. He said, “They reckon they’re doing it to avoid people feeling inferior to others due to unfavourable comparisons of Likes. On the surface, that may be true. But surely it’s just an attempt to get people to post more content without fear of embarrassment for getting single-figure Likes on all their posts. C’mon Zuckerberg, we’ve become virtual slaves to your alternate reality, but we’re not stupid.”