A local car wash business is reportedly preparing to sue Mother Nature, after this morning’s gentle sprinkling of rain provided an adequate wash for the majority of Melbourne’s motor vehicles. Following yesterday’s report on this week providing an honest insight into how people treat their cars, local residents woke this morning to a fine mist of rain that helped to wash away ungainly dirt as people tackled their daily commute.

Speaking exclusively to The Watsonia Bugle, a source close to the local car washing business said, “This week was supposed to be an absolute bonanza for us, especially after youse [sic] publicly shamed everyone yesterday about not loving their cars enough. But then that rain turned up this morning and literally washed away thousands of potential dollars for us. Someone has to pay for this, and Mother Nature is in our sights.”

While the source conceded that most car enthusiasts would’ve already taken care of business before this morning’s drizzle, they claimed more money was to be made this week. They said, “Most of the car nerds wash their car once a week anyway, so them rushing in after last Thursday doesn’t make much of a difference to our weekly takings. It’s more the casual car washer that we need coming in for us to make a decent profit. But that exact type of person will be more than happy to just let this morning’s rain suffice. It’s really going to cost us.”