The North Melbourne Kangaroos are reportedly in talks to host at least two or three home games at Binnak Park in 2021 in a bold attempt to bolster their perpetually waning finances. A source close to the club exclusively revealed the plan to The Watsonia Bugle this week, suggesting it would be a mutually beneficial arrangement for both the football club and the Watsonia North community.

While the AFL fixture has already been released for the 2020 season, the inside source claimed the wheels were in motion for 2021, pending approval from council. The source said, “The cost of hosting games at Marvel Stadium has become prohibitive. And we’ve tried other venues, like Hobart and that, but they cost money to fly to, so Watsonia North is a much better option for us in this current economic climate.”

The source also claimed that while some cosmetic changes would be required at the ground, any potential renovations would be on a tight budget. They said, “Part of the appeal of Binnak is that natural amphitheatre of a hill that could easily house the majority of an average home game attendance for the Kangas. So, we wouldn’t have to build a grandstand or anything too expensive like that. The rooms might need expanding, and maybe we’ll install a can bar on the outer, but that’s about it.”

Becoming the potential location for AFL matches in the near future would be a much-needed boost for the Watsonia North area, after news earlier this week that the suburb had slipped to an astonishing 214th on the list of Melbourne’s most liveable suburbs. Local resident Lisa Stanley said, “This could be just what we need. I mean, I’m not expecting us to be in the top 10 for all of Melbourne, but surely we deserve better than 214th. That’s ridiculous.”

More to come.