Motorists who park at Watsonia Train Station before embarking on their daily commute have been encouraged to put valuables out of sight before leaving their car in the open expanse all day. While the definition of valuables would usually include wallets, phones and money, the list has been expanded in the global predicament to toilet paper, pasta, flour, and rice.

Authorities have reportedly begun advising local commuters of the new measures, after a recent spate of thefts from the car park that was once nominated to become an 8th wonder of the world. One commuter claims she was told to remove the box of tissues from her rear dashboard over fears that a desperate person might break a window of the car just to access the precious commodity.

Speaking under the condition of anonymity, the commuter said, “For real, a guy in an official-looking uniform rushed over just after I locked my car and started walking towards the station. He said I should hide the tissues in my boot or risk a busted rear windshield. I couldn’t believe it.”