The Editor of The Watsonia Bugle has spoken openly about the publication’s inability to recycle old articles on Facebook since the outbreak of COVID-19, because the world we now live in has changed so drastically. Speaking to his team of writers, in a desperate attempt to create new stories, the Editor conceded that the reduced possibility of sending out “encore posts” has left a significant gap in the newspaper’s weekly content calendar.

In the exclusive interview, the Editor said, “I don’t have to tell you that the world has changed, as that’s very obvious to all. And, sadly, it means a lot of our old bangers just hold no relevance in this new environment of fear, apprehension, and finger-pointing. I mean, nobody will believe the story about the hipster falling asleep on a train and waking up in Diamo, because who in the right mind – drunk or otherwise – would be catching public transport at the moment?”

The Editor claims the new world we live in has also superseded many of our other top-rating stories over the years. He said, “There’s just so many. I mean, would Megan’s constant pushing of her anti-vegan agenda by popping out to deface public fences be considered an ‘essential activity’? I don’t think so. And nobody is going to be complaining about a kabana stick being snapped in half without being asked first. People just want to get in and out of the supermarket as quickly as possible. No fuss.”