Prominent USA politician Bernie Sanders has reportedly been spotted hiding out in Watsonia to avoid the global media attention he’s received since President Joe Biden’s inauguration last week. Sanders’ already high profile has shot to stratospheric heights over the past week, as an image of him sitting cross-legged at the event has arguably been memeified more than any other image has been memeified before.

While Sanders has used the moment to help raise money for charity, he is also believed to have grown weary of the newfound attention, retreating to somewhere quiet until all this meme nonsense blows over. Despite Watsonia’s world-renowned status as a playground for the rich and famous, and easy access to the airport thanks to Skybus, Sanders chose the suburb for its low-key approach to fame, and its down-to-earth residents. Taking his desire for privacy a step further, Sanders has set up on the Watsonia Train Station platform – a low traffic area as locals remain wary of public transport in the wake of last year’s high COVID-19 infection rates.

Exactly how Sanders skipped past strict quarantine measures in place for overseas arrivals remains unclear, with one eye witness suggesting the respected Senator had received diplomatic immunity from the Australian government. Sanders’ representatives have predictably remained tight-lipped around the Senator’s movements, but multiple witnesses have contacted The Watsonia Bugle this week to report potential sightings. We’ve requested an interview.