Mystery surrounds the ongoing presence of an archeologist’s vehicle parked near current North East Link works, with local residents speculating wildly about exactly what has been discovered as digging commences for the major road project. The vehicle has been spotted by locals on multiple days over the last week, with one even claiming to have seen a ‘Indiana Jones–type dude heading to Coles Express for a quick bite to eat around lunchtime” a couple of days ago.

Parked near the corner of Yallambie Road and Greensborough Road, on the doorstep of the beloved Macleod peninsula, the archaeologist’s services have presumably been called upon following the discovery of an underground artefact that’s of historical significance. Naturally, The Watsonia Bugle is not easily drawn into wild speculation and innuendo, but we are obliged to report that initial investigations have narrowed the possibilities down to:

The hidden remains of fake plans B, C and D from the government’s fictitious suggestion that there was ever going to be another route for NEL other than burrowing under Banyule Flats.

The buried remains of “Neville’s Ark”, a handmade water craft that Watsonia man Neville Daniels attempted to float down the Plenty River from Greenborough to Williamstown in the 1940s.

The skeletal remains of Greensyasaurus, a rogue carnivorous dinosaur that wreaked havoc on the local area thousands of years ago, roaring to anyone that would listen that he was the king of the local area and would one day be home to the region’s largest shopping complex.

Evidence, any evidence, that Yallambie is more than just the figment of its population’s vain clutch for relevance in society.

Have you seen the archaeologist on site in the last week? Any ideas what they are attempting to preserve? Please let us know.