To pay homage to the Watsonia icon, local families have started putting pictures of Noodle Station dim sims at the top of their Christmas trees. While it’s unclear exactly how the trend started, the rapid uptake seems to mirror a similar festive phenomenon a few years ago when cricket fans across the nation placed cardboard cut-out images of Nathan Lyon at the top of their Christmas trees,

As local residents wait for approval to build a giant dim sim next to Watsonia Station, these installations on family trees are believed to be a more private acknowledgment of our beloved Noodle Station dimmies. One resident who’s proudly displaying a cut-out dimmie on top of her tree, Annette Prendergast, told The Watsonia Bugle, “It’s just the perfect way to add a real personal touch to our tree this year. We love Christmas. We love Noodle Station dim sims. It all just makes perfect sense.”

However, not all locals are happy with the new trend, with some contacting us to express their dismay. Paul Dennison said, “What is wrong with people? This has absolutely nothing to do with Christmas, and is just people searching for cheap likes on Facebook and Instagram.”