A local political analyst has claimed that Prime Minister Anthony Albanese’s decision to dine in Macleod last weekend instead of Watsonia was a brutal snub for any giant dim sim plans we have for our suburb. Albanese was spotted enjoying breakfast with respected Federal Member Kate Thwaites in Macleod over the weekend, before mingling with locals at the park across the road.

While that provided a thrill for many residents in our neighbouring suburb, local political analyst Trevor Daniels claims the visit was a bad sign for any aspirations Watsonia has for our ambitious giant dim sim proposal. Daniels said, “Look, it’s great that Albo was in town, and that he ventured out of the inner suburbs, but surely we needed to get him in Watsonia to see the site of the future town square and to explain the grandiose vision of that giant dimmie. There’s nothing like seeing the place with your own eyes to get the excitement levels up.”

Daniels claimed that after many failed attempts to garner political support for the project, it might be time to either crowdfund the art installation, or put more pressure on State MP Colin Brooks who remains the only politician to publicly back the giant dimmie.

According to Daniels, “I reckon we should lean on Brooksey a bit more. Surely he can get this done. We’ve been waiting for too long now!”