Local boozehounds are currently debating the optimal route for the first ever Watsonia bar crawl, which will allegedly be launched when our suburb’s second wine bar opens. The thirsty drinkers are reportedly at loggerheads over the preferred direction of the long-awaited event, with many yet to reach a general consensus.

Eager punters generally fall into one of two categories: “north to south” or “south to north”. While all agree that homage must be paid to Watsonia’s OG drinking venue – the Watsonia RSL – agreement hasn’t been reached over whether that means the crawl starts or finishes at the large venue. According to one source, “Nobody’s disputing the fact that the RSL is the king of venues, it’s just that some think that means you start there to launch the event, or finish there to truly celebrate its significance to the suburb.” 

Insiders claim the divide may, in fact, result in separate crawls taking place, with fears the competing ideologies will clash when they inevitably cross paths during the sanctioned drinking tour. One such insider said, “If the groups do split and go in different directions, there’s no way of avoiding a confrontation somewhere along Watsonia Road. And due to the drinking that will be taking place on the day, the clash could either be peaceful burying of the metaphorical hatchet (think overly affectionate hugging and back slapping), or out-of-control hand-to-hand combat. It all depends on how many drinks everyone has beforehand.”