A local man has reacted angrily to what he sees suburb snobbery after the world-famous Noodle Station dim sims from Watsonia were excluded from a so-called Dim Sim Festival in Thornbury next month. The festival, entitled the Dimmy & Dumpling Festival, will be held at a trendy venue on High Street Thornbury early next month but at this stage it seems the Noodle Station’s invitation has been lost in the mail.

In response to this injustice, Watsonia man Brent Copeland has seen red, contacting The Watsonia Bugle to share his fiery disgust. Copeland said, “What a bloody outrage?! Who do they think they are? Noodle Station is only about 12ks north of the joint but they’ve snubbed ’em. If they hand out some award it’ll be a hollow victory for whoever gets it, cos deep down they’ll know that Watsy has a superior dimmy. It’s like holding a World Championship for Aussie Rules but not inviting an Australian team.”

The snub is particularly surprising when you consider the recent publicity about the ambitious plan to install a giant dimmy on Watsonia Road to celebrate arguably our area’s greatest export. However, according to Copeland, the exclusion is nothing more than suburb snobbery. He said, “What do you expect? Watsy is obviously not cool enough, and the restaurant doesn’t have a hip name like ‘Woking Amazing’. Plus the dimmies aren’t served out the back of a food truck and we’ve only recently gotten Uber Eats. What a bunch of wankers.”