In a truly inspiring tale of perseverance and dedication to a craft, the once-famous dancing coffee cup on Greensborough Highway has turned up to work despite mysteriously losing its legs. As you may remember, we’ve previously shared stories of concern for the beloved coffee cup’s whereabouts; however, this latest image shows just how committed the cup is to promoting the existence of drive thru coffee just a few hundred metres up the road.

While some passing motorists have contacted The Watsonia Bugle to lament the lack of audacious dancing and movement from the cup, we instead feel it’s important to celebrate its incredible commitment to work. In a nation where “chucking a sickie” is generally celebrated rather than condemned, this coffee cup is swimming against the tide — albeit without the use of its arms or legs. 

Exactly how the cup’s current physical state impacts on its previously enviable level of workplace wellbeing remains unclear, but one can only imagine if it’s still fronting up for work in this state, it must really love its job. As we always have, and always will, we salute you coffee cup. Long may you reign!