A disastrous week in politics for the beleaguered One Nation party has just gotten worse, with political experts claiming that not even an offer to fund Watsonia’s giant dim sim will save Pauline Hanson and her gun-loving cronies. Thanks to an ongoing investigation by media outlet Al Jazeera, politicians from Pauline Hanson’s One Nation have been exposed allegedly attempting to cosy up with gun lobby groups in the United States to gain funding by pushing pro-gun policies in the Australian parliament.

So dire is the current situation for One Nation that local political analyst Professor Trevor Grandeville claims an offer to fully fund the ambitious installation of a giant dim sim on Watsonia Road would do little to improve the public reputation of the unpopular party. Speaking exclusively to The Watsonia Bugle, Professor Grandeville said, “That’s how far they’ve sunk. Not even a generous offer to completely fund the big dimmie project would life them from the canvas. And that dimmie has been fighting unsuccessfully for 18 months to get some kind of political support, so it would be a real feel-good story.”

In fact, the team behind the big dim sim proposal have said they would knock back any offer of financial assistance from One Nation. Despite Scott Morrison so far failing to embrace the public relations benefits of funding the big dimmie, and previous state government budgets ignoring the tourism-boosting initiative, the hard-working team behind the proposal say they are open to almost any offer for support. However, the important word there is “almost”, with the spokesperson for the Build Our Dimmie campaign advising The Watsonia Bugle that they would not accept any financial offers for the fledgling project from One Nation.

The spokesperson said, “Nah mate, no way. We’re desperate for support, but we’re not that desperate. If we’re gonna build this delicious monument, there’s no way we’re building it with dirty money. Pauline and her bunch of ham-fisted dimwits have no place in this project.”