The niche community of Springthorpe has heroically overcome a previously crippling identity crisis to tackle an important environmental issue. Residents angered by their local council’s apparently lackadaisical approach to nature strip maintenance has led to a petition being created to spark action on the troubling state of affairs.

Prescriptively named “Cut the grass in Springy”, the petition description simply states “Please cut our grass. We deserve better than this.” While the landing page fails to give any specific instructions about the grass that needs to be cut, it does provide an image of an overgrown nature strip that appears to be near the Macleod entrance to the sheltered suburban estate.

However, what the brave campaign lacks in detail it makes up for with passion and support, with petition signers weighing in with such encouraging comments as “It’s messy and needs to be cut!!!!” and “It is a disgrace. It needs to be cut asap.”

At the time of writing, the petition had received 17 of its desired 100 signatures, but we’re hoping our loyal readership can help to bump up that number. What do ya reckon, let’s show a bit of support to our friendly Springthorpe neighbours. Get around them by clicking here.

Let’s just hope it gets better support than our ham-fisted attempt to get Bunnings a liquor licence.