Watsonia’s long-awaited wine bar looks like it might have found suitable premises, but now just needs to wait for the end of the strict social distancing rules. The mysterious recent emergence of a two-seater couch on a prominent Watsonia Road roundabout has locals whispering that it will be the venue that we’ve all been waiting for.

While slightly less salubrious than what most of us had in mind for a wine bar, the rumoured venue is expected to benefit from its high visibility and throbbing roadside vibe. Sadly, the expected opening of the new bar will be delayed, with pubs, clubs and restaurants all temporarily closed to combat the outbreak of COVID-19.

According to one local, Peter Hodge, the venue is perfect. He said, “Cool spot mate, plenty of atmosphere, and always something happening. That couch looks really comfy too.”

For Pete’s sake, we hope this rumour proves a little more reliable than 2018’s whispers of a poolside bar in Greensborough. Our covering of that story led to the first ever retraction we’ve had to issue.