A local man has claimed that the $620,000 currently being spent on renovating the North East Link Hub would’ve been better spent on the giant dim sim that Watsonians have been lusting after for two years now. Ever since news of the giant dimmie hit the airwaves almost two years ago, local residents have helplessly watched on as proposal after proposal has been knocked back from multiple levels of government and other potential investors.

Passionate Watsonia resident Graeme Harrison has told The Watsonia Bugle that the controverisal amount budgeted for the Hub revamp would’ve been better spent on “something that all Watsonians can enjoy”. He also said, “If they really want to win the locals over, and appease the naysayers, they should’ve just promised to build the giant dim sim. I reckon everyone would’ve got on board the North East Link then. They say the way to a person’s heart is via their stomach, and all true Watsonians love those delicious dimmies. World’s best they are.”

Regardless of his obvious disappointment, Harrison said he remained hopeful that the North East Link’s seemingly sizeable coffers would later be leveraged to fund the construction and installation of a giant dim sim to “celebrate Watsonia’s greatest culinary export”. He said, “Maybe as a parting gift to the local community. Once all the link has been finished in, I don’t know, 2037, they could give us a giant dimmie as a going away present. That would be great.”